Well, 2015, it’s been real…

December 31, 2015 , , Carina Thornton
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Every year at this time I take a look back at the scribbles I made on my calendar at the start of the year and basically try to figure out what the hell happened to all my best laid plans. hehe

I keep trying to stay on top of regular newsletters but what invariably ends up happening is that I pretty much send them out when I have something to say. It’s the same with my blog posts. I’ve never been one for small talk so coming up with the “hey, what’s up?” kind of chatter tends to fail pretty spectacularly for me. And then I end up feeling guilty about not staying in touch as much as I should. So maybe “feel less guilty” should be the goal? Hmm…

Anyway. 2015.

I have to say I’m really, really happy with the goodies I introduced last year – new branding (seriously, how fun are those bubbles in my logo?!), online booking (I’m *amazed* at how many of you used this cool new tool to book your sessions!), commercial work (have you checked out those Kenyan Collection collars yet??), and sleek new studio management software to keep me more organized. (Well, a little more organized anyway…) And, oh my, how you *loved* my new canvas collections! I saw lots of canvases go up on your walls and I admit that seeing them in your homes is the…coolest…thing…ever! So thank you so very much for all your positive feedback and the smiles and the puppy cuddles that you sent my way this year. You guys rock my socks.

The year unfortunately also had its share of challenges and sadness on the personal side though. On November 4th, we lost my dear mother-in-law after a year-long battle with “the damn C word.” A good part of the Summer and Fall was spent by her side either taking her to her favorite places (Bermuda was the big one) or holding her hand in her hospice room.

Goodbyes suck and there is just no other way to say it. We miss her terribly.

(A huge shout-out to Your Dog Smiles for always being there to care for my Sammy when we had to rush out of town. Not having to worry about my kitty was a very big deal.)

*takes a moment*


So 2016 is 12 hours away. I’m a little behind in getting my new calendar on the wall but I have some things floating around my head. The first thing is that Fuzzypants is 5 YEARS OLD this January! There definitely needs to be some sort of celebration – oooh, maybe a neat little giveaway! *ponders*

I’m also investing in mentoring and ongoing education so I can celebrate years 6, 7… 10… 15… and on! I’ve wanted to attend a workshop specific to pet photography for quite some time so I finally hopped on board and I will be working with the amazingly talented J. Nichole Smith from Dane+Dane Studios. I’m crazy-excited to get started.

Video and slideshows will be coming to my product offerings and collaboration with local businesses will offer lots of opportunities for all of us to get to know and support each other better. And that’s pretty awesome.

There are so many more plans in work but first I’m going to celebrate quietly tonight – an early dinner out with some friends and then a small bottle of champagne at home with my hubby, kitty, and a Doctor Who marathon (and I’m really looking forward to the new Sherlock special on PBS tomorrow night too!) I hope your New Year celebration is everything you want it to be and that 2016 brings you everything you wish for!




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