The Power of Paper

April 9, 2012 , , Carina Thornton
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The other day I had a few hours to go through a recently acquired treasure. My grandparent’s photo album.

Let me preface this by saying that I have recently started offering digital images to my clients. Digital is hugely popular. We love being able to share by emailing, posting and blogging. But I have to admit that digital images are my least favorite offering.

Why? Because I still believe in the power of paper. I still have a need to hold it in my hands, to see it wrapped in the perfect frame and hanging proudly in the perfect place. To read the little notes on the back.

I have a shoebox from my grandparent’s closet that is filled with images and memories dating back to their first years together. I started scanning the images to make sure I could never, ever lose them and it hit me. These photos are 76 years old. Seventy six!

Now, I lived in Costa Rica from 1999-2001 and shot a lot of photos during my time there. A mere 10+ years ago. Where are they? They are likely lost forever because they are “backed up” to floppy discs and zip discs. Do you remember those? Technology moves too fast to count on it as a reliable keeper of things so important. But paper? Prints? They can be hung and framed and carried and moved. They can travel with us through new homes and changes in technology and crashed hard drives. They can be passed down to your grandchildren so they can see how important that moment was to you. While I was scanning, I realized that it wasn’t just the images that made the album so meaningful for me. It was the way they were thoughtfully arranged in the album. It was the careful notes and dates that Pop-pop wrote next to them. It was the whimsical little drawings that he added to let us know what the event meant to them.

Commit them to paper. Have them printed by me or by your favorite lab but have them printed. I promise you won’t regret it.



  1. I so agree but if I ever have custom photography, I will want the digital files as well as prints. I would want them to be able to share with friends and family online but also to have an extra copy of everything in case there is a fire or something.

  2. Definitely – I always offer images for sharing. It’s so much fun to post them for everyone to see! I agree that reliable backups are a must for any type of digital file especially in the event of something catastrophic. At the same time, I always want to be able to pick up an album, grab a cup of tea and just flip through the pages…

  3. Hi, I got my picture of Wanda (2 year old corgi) today. I think it is great!! I was wondering what othe items I might be able to order from you. The pictures were taken at a winery where a fund raiser for mini pin.

    Please let me know.


  4. So glad you like your photo of Wanda! I will drop you an email with info on additional products 🙂
    ~ Carina

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