The Burning Question

February 8, 2012 , , Carina Thornton
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There is a lovely, inspirational lady named Danielle LaPorte that I have been following for a few weeks. She has an amazing way with words; a way of describing things that just make even the most abstract of ideas just come to life in full living color. I’m in awe most of the time.

This week I received a beautiful message in Danielle’s weekly newsletter. And it asked me to do some work! But here is the thing about this kind of “work”. It’s soul-searching and eye-opening and creative and FUN! The project is “The Burning Question” and it started fairly simply. “How do you want it all to feel?”

How do I want what to feel?

My day? Well, warm and sunny and relaxed and easy and filled with things I love to do? Sure. But how about a little more abstract? After all, “Feelings are magnetic. So it goes that if you generate certain feelings — and you have the power to create any feeling you desire — then you increase the power of your emotional magnetism. But we need to limber up, loosen the images and adjectives encrusted on our goals and most-desired states. It helps to get poetic, lyrical, and abstract.”

I want my day to feel like jazz.

Ooooh! I like that! So, here is my little exercise in lyrical abstract-ness:

I want my day to feel like a warm bath.
I want my next success to feel like Sally Field’s Oscar acceptance speech. (“I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”)
I want my body to feel like a skier on freshly groomed snow.
I want smiling to feel like an August sun shower.
I want my friendships to feel like cashmere socks, my favorite blanket fresh from the dryer, a new pillow.
I want my nervous system to feel like Rumi finishing a poem.
I want my neighborhood to feel like I stepped through the wardrobe in the spare room.
I want my integrity to feel like a live oak.
I want my word to feel like the Crown Jewels.
I want my laughter to feel like catching fireflies in my grandparents backyard.
I want the end of the day to feel like a quietly snoring kitty.
I want being of service to feel like a physician healing with food, not chemicals.
I want my challenges to feel like the Little Mermaid with her new legs.
I want my love to feel like a secret glance across a crowded room that only he and I notice.
I want my writing to feel like sticking my fingertips into a waterfall.
I want my ideas to feel like that beautiful dream you remember when you wake up.

How do you want it all to feel?

~ Carina

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