#OptOutside with the Best Adventure Gear for Dogs

November 21, 2017 , , Carina Thornton

I have one word for Black Friday shopping: Nope.

You’ll find me on the W+OD trail or roaming through a tree-lined park crunching on the last of the Autumn leaves. If you too plan to #OPTOUTSIDE this Black Friday, here are some tips to get your pup some of that Walmart-free fresh air as well!

Summer, fall, winter, and spring… when you have a dog every season is the season for an adventure! As you put on your sun hat, lace up your boots, or throw on your very thickest of coats, don’t forget to grab some extra gear for the four-legged bundle of joy panting happily beside you.

We don’t often think about outfitting our dogs for adventures, but we totally should. There are so many fantastic products out there to make your adventures with Fido more comfortable, safer, and stylish.

Dog Harnesses and Packs

Harnesses provide extra control; no more slipping the collar when something exciting comes along. (And something exciting always comes along…) The handles on the top are great for assisting Fido up and over obstacles. And when the harness doubles as a backpack, Fido can carry his own adventure essentials along with those smelly bags of poo that can otherwise take away from the whole experience. Ew.

Try this incredibly classy and functional Commuter Pack on for size. It’s fit for the trails as well as a walk through the city.

Dog Boots

I can’t stress enough how beneficial dog boots can be. Whether it’s icy, snowy, rocky, or hot; dog boots prevent damage to your dog’s paws that could cut your adventure short and worse, result in vet trips and long at-home recovery time. No pup wants to spend a sunny day (or any day, really) inside when there’s adventures to be had!

These Summit Trex, everyday boots, are perfect for all types of weather and terrain.

Hot Weather, Winter, and Rain Coats

Whether you’re looking to help beat the heat, fight the cold, or keep a barrier between him and the mud puddles he insists on splashing through, there’s a coat for that. Dog coats help in controlling body temperature in extreme heather (hot or cold), keeping them dry, and keeping their coats clean from the “fun” the like to get into… like goose poop.

Ruffwear has an excellent and stylish line of dog coats for all occasions so pick your fav and let’s see those dapper doggies!


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