My Impression of a Groundhog

March 9, 2013 , , Carina Thornton
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Hello, friends!

I’m sorry that it has been quiet around here this Winter! The Holidays came and went and then it just seems like there is this black hole where we all want to hide until the a hint of warm weather makes us poke our noses out from under our blankets and throw open the windows. I admit that I’m not a big fan of the time adjustment that is looming over my weekend plans but there is something about the first hint of Spring that gives me a new spark of energy.

Being a Northeast girl, I was secretly hoping for a bit more snow than Snowquester teased us with (and made me cancel a couple of snow sessions!) but I’m not at all sad about seeing the plans for fairs, festivals, farmers markets, outdoor concerts, and picnics popping up on my calendar. I’m also really looking forward to my Training Program with Potomac River Running!

So while we are getting excited for more outdoor time, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Spring and Summer places and activities.

The Reston Pet Fiesta

The Renaissance Faire

The Herndon Festival

NoVA Brewfest

Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival

I’m also hoping to get to The Natural Bridge – finally. (I had plans to go last year but that nasty storm knocked out their power just in time to cancel vacation.)

What are you favorite ways to welcome Spring?

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