Living Life As A Geek

March 20, 2017 , , Carina Thornton

“Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating.”

~ Simon Pegg

I *love* that quote. And seriously – who knows how to “proudly emote” better than your dog? In our super fast paced, technology driven world, how great would it be to just do as our dogs do – gravitate towards what bring the most joy then live right in the moment, freely expressing just how darn happy we are?

I have to admit that I find it really difficult not to express joy and excitement – so I kinda don’t bother holding back. My poor husband can probably attest to that after spending a week in Walt Disney World with me. Or the times he had to sit through the midnight showing of Harry Potter.

Let’s see what makes you geek out! A special vacation spot? A new book? That Summer blockbuster movie? Tag your social posts with #fuzzyjoy to share the happiness (who couldn’t use extra happiness every now and then?) and be entered to win next month’s surprise gift! Drawing will be held April 15th.


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