BBQs, sparklers, and ketchup stains.

July 1, 2017 , , Carina Thornton
Office dog

When it comes to BBQs and summer celebrations, no one does it better than an American on the Fourth of July! Burgers, ice cream, games, fireworks: the whole shebang! The best part? Everyone’s invited, including our dogs.

Their joy is contagious, antics entertaining, and we’d never head off to a barbecue without them… but this year we should do more than include our favorite furry companions! We should give them a spot on the team, in the spotlight, and at the table!

What To Wear?

Barbecues are ruthless. You must be comfortable. Grass and ketchup stains are imminent. It will be too hot. On top of it all? You also have to dress to impress because this is quite possibly the biggest event of the summer.

That being said we cannot leave our beloved dogs ill-prepared and underdressed! Share the limelight with your dog and add a little sparkle to their day (and everyone else’s) with a little red, white, and blue! Hats, T’s, tutu’s, and bows– whatever you can coax out of Fido!

What’s On the Menu?

While most people know not to feed the dog chocolate, there are a variety of other foods prevalent at our celebrations that are just as harmful to our pets. Instead, why not prepare a special doggy-menu? It could be as simple as a bowl of store bought treats, to an all-out doggy palooza with dog-friendly burgers, “beer” (it exists!), and frozen treats!

Where’s the Entertainment?

They love to play with us. They simply love the sight of us happy and must join in. So instead of scolding Fido for stealing the cornhole sack, bring some toys and play games everyone can enjoy such as frisbee, soccer, or a simple game of tag!

However, when the fireworks get pulled out, have a safe spot planned for your dog that’s quiet, secure, and comfortable. July 5th is the busiest day of the year for animal shelters because our pets do not find fireworks as enjoyable as we do! Keep them happy, protected, and safe.

Happy Independence Day!


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