Is 11×14 Really That Small??

November 27, 2012 , , Carina Thornton
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So let’s talk about your wall for a minute. I’ve had a few clients look at my size charts or studio samples and are curious to know why I categorize an 11×14 as “Small” so I thought it would be great to show you some examples.

This past Summer, I invested in a great little app called Preveal that allows me to place scaled images right on a client’s wall before ordering anything. I have to admit that even to me it was an eye-opener!

Let’s play a little game… I’ll post a couple of room images with canvases on the wall and you see if you can guess the size. (Answers are below the photos. No peeking!)

What did you guess for Image #1? It’s actually a 16×20… a size most people consider to be very large.

Image #2? That canvas is 24×36.

This is the same wall with a 30×40:

Much better, right? How about one more step? Look at this gorgeous 70×40!

I know, I know… if you’re like me, you might be thinking that your spaces are a bit smaller so maybe that 11×14 will be perfect. So let’s look at a small corner… what size do you think is hanging here? 8×10 perhaps?

If you guessed 8×10, you’re a bit off! That’s actually an 11×14! As you can see, even in this corner, the 11×14 doesn’t work well. How about something like this:

This is a gorgeous grouping that contains one 20×32 and three 10×13’s!

Are you surprised by some of these images? I have to admit, that I was a bit surprised myself so I went ahead and took a quick photo of my own dining room. I guessed that a 24×36 would look great. Here is the result:

Not too bad, right? But I went ahead and looked at the the 30×40 and decided that’s what I would put in that space.

And I fell in love with this too. This grouping has four 14×14’s and one 20×30:

I hope that clears things up a little bit! It’s very important that we have a good idea of your wall size in order to get the correct size piece for your space. Fuzzypants always offers design consultations with all sessions so you can feel absolutely confident that your images will look great in your home for many years!


  1. Brilliant post! I was tossing up whether or not to get an app like this. You’ve just made my mind up!

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