Petcube (AKA “What the stinkers get up to when they think you’re not watching.”)

November 18, 2016 , , Carina Thornton

Last month a crazy-cool Kickstarter campaign popped up in my feed. Have you seen the Petcube? I am totally obsessed with it and I don’t even have the darn thing in my hands yet.

I have to admit to being one those pet moms that always wonders what the little stinkers are up to when they are home alone. I imagine all sorts of antics complete with broken lamps, cats on drapes, blaring music, and a surprise Pay-Per-View bill. Yes, my imagination does get away from me.

The Petcube allows you not only to monitor your pet’s activity but actually interact with them! Yes, you can play with your dog, kitty, bird, rabbit, etc. from wherever you happen to be. How cool is that?

Of course, if you’d rather not play laser tag all day, there are some home hacks that will help your pet be a little more comfortable, entertained, and safe when they are home alone. (We’ve all heard the term “A bored kitten is a destructive kitten.” lol)

  • Exercise your pet before you leave the house. Some brisk playtime sets them up for a nice morning nap. (I’m afraid you’ll have to settle for coffee.)
  • Consider a mid-week afternoon play date or nice long walk with a local pet sitter/dog-walker to break up the week. My go-to service is Your Dog Smiles.
  • Hide toys and treats around the house so they can spend some time on a little scavenger hunt.
  • Stuff your dog’s Kong with peanut butter and put it in the freezer for a longer lasting treat!
  • Keep the radio or TV on to distract from outside noise that might encourage barking.
  • If you have a window with a quiet view of local wildlife, make sure the blinds are open so your pet can watch the show.
  • Make sure all food that can be toxic is out of reach and secure. Same for houseplants.

How do you keep your pet happy when you leave the house? Tell me in the comments!


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