The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

October 12, 2017 , , Carina Thornton

I think it’s programmed somewhere into our DNA that a cute thing can always be cuter if we put it in a costume. Our pets are quite possibly the cutest things in our lives so they will most definitely be joining us in our Halloween festivities.

Let’s get our Halloween on!

On October 26th, come on out to the Yappy Hour Costume Contest at Lansdowne Resort from 5-7pm and take the opportunity to show off just how cute (or ghoulishly impressive) your pooch really, truly is. Don’t miss this fun-filled evening as we wrap up the last of the Yappy Hour series and draw the GRAND PRIZE WINNER!

The mystical side of Halloween has always appealed to me and I am intrigued by the unexplained. I spent a good part of my teens scaring the daylights out of myself with every horror flick I could get my hands on.

If you find yourself in the same boat, then mark your calendars and sign up now for my very limited, October 21st at “The Steps” Mini. This session, set at “The Exorcist” stairway in Georgetown is the perfect way to get your Halloween on! I’ll have some Halloween swag for you and after your session, you will get a super-shiny, ready-to-hang black-and-white 8×12 metal print. (It has to be black and white, right??)

Tell me how to book, Captain Howdy!

That’s easy – visit this link right here and pick your fav time. (If your time says Out of Stock, that means someone snagged it already so you’ll need to pick your 2nd fav time instead.)

So, my friends, whether you take this opportunity to enhance cuteness or you go the more traditional route and do your best to terrify the neighbors (I suggest the dog dressed up as a giant spider or lion in the front yard approach), dress to impress, keep safe, stay spooky, and enjoy your Halloween Festivities!

The annual dress-up game we play with our pets is wonderful fun, but please ensure that costumes fit without rubbing, chafing, or otherwise inflicting pain or discomfort on your pet.


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