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May 14, 2016 , , Carina Thornton
Breaux Fuzzypants

I went to the mailbox the other day (I’m terrible about checking the mail) and guess what I found… nothing. Just a whole bunch of junk mail and expired coupons.

In this age of electronic everything, I’ve missed opening the mailbox and being surprised by a card or letter from some far-off place. (Of course “far-off” meant Long Island when I was a Staten Island 10 year old.)

What do I love finding in my mailbox?

1. That super-cool new thingy/book/BluRay that I pre-ordered but forgot I ordered until it showed up like Christmas came early!

2. My Stitch Fix box with unknown treasures that I can unwrap like I have a birthday every other month! (Just keep the actual aging part out, please.)

3. A surprise gift off my Amazon Wish List from my sweetie “just because.”

I’m going to guess that you love little surprises showing up in your mailbox too so I’m going to be sharing the mailbox love with my VIP subscribers. Every month I’ll be choosing a random name and mailing a small gift. Real tear-open-a-package mail. My obsessions are usually all over the place so you never know what might show up… a yummy new chocolate bar that you just have to try, a bottle of my favorite new color of nail polish, a gift card to one of my fav places to relax…

Sound good? This is for “The Fuzzypants Howler” subscribers so if you want in, get on the list and I’ll get in touch for your address!


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