The Awesome-est Dog Breeds at Westminster

February 5, 2018 , , Carina Thornton
couple with boxer puppy
frenchie with bunny ears
Madison Square Garden

It’s no secret that most of my clients have rescue pups and that means lots of lovable mixed breeds. Dogs of every mix are joy in physical form, they wake up in the morning as beautiful as they did going to sleep, they’re full of surprises, they’re dependable and loyal, and they teach us what unconditional love is every single day. They deserve to be in the spotlight and this month, they’ll get it! The Westminster Kennel Club Show is just around the corner, February 12-13, and I am SO excited!

In college I spent time working for a Boxer breeder and had the incredible opportunity of working backstage at the Westminster Show. I was in dog-lover heaven. I will never forget that experience; and those fond memories keep me looking forward to this show every year.

While I love every single one of them, these are three of my favorite dog breeds at the Westminster Show…

#3 – The French Bulldog

French bulldog in leaves

These guys make me happy. French Bulldogs are such compact sturdy little dogs but also have this fun and lovable little face that lets you know that they’re so much more. There’s so much personality in the way they turn to look at you with their whole body and I can’t get enough of the way their quick little steps take them wobbling back and forth as they’re led around the floor. And the ears… It’s like they never grow out of their puppy features which makes them even more lovable!

#2 – The Shih Tzu

2 shih tzu dogs

They’re small, cute, and their long, flowing coats are always done just so. And when they walk around? Their little paws make such dainty and perky movements and the only way you can tell is because each movement sends their curtains of luxe hair into a shimmering cascade of ripples. It’s just so fun watching these little beauties prancing around the floor.

#1 – The Boxer

Boxer puppy

Oh the Boxers… there’s so much to say about these gorgeous dogs. To know a Boxer is to love a Boxer. I love how, at first glance, they appear to be powerful, stoic, and simply impressive. But as soon as they start to move, you see energy and joy radiating from every muscle. And who can resist that butt-wiggling “boxer shuffle”?

Now that I’ve gone on about my favorites, I’d love to hear from you! Who do you look for at the Westminster? Let’s see your list!


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