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How do I book a session??
Let’s talk! Get in touch with me, Carina, through EMAIL, phone (571.279.0412), carrier pigeon, or Owl Post! I’m happy to provide a completely free, no-obligation phone consultation. Or maybe you’d prefer to talk dogs, cats, or Harry Potter over coffee? We can do that too! (I have a thing for Panera’s Broccoli Cheese soup.) Ready to just skip to the fun part? Then let’s do this! Book your date using that big ol’ button below and let’s get started!
Can people be in the photos too?

I love watching people interact with their pets and those heartwarming moments can make the most beautiful images. Remember though, I am a pet photographer and the majority of your session will be focused on getting the perfect images of your pet. So yes, people are welcome for a few shots (max of 2 adults) but if you prefer a family-based session or if you have more than 2 people, let me know and I’ll be glad to help find what you need!

Do you sell digital photos?
Yes, digital packages of 5, 10, or your full gallery of print-ready digitals are available.
My dog will never sit still for pictures.
While not exactly a question, this is the most frequent comment I hear and my response is always, “Excellent!” If you have an energetic dog, I definitely do not want to change that about them and I want that energy to shine through in their photos. I do lots of running around and rolling around so that they feel as natural and happy as possible. The investment I’ve made in my equipment, lenses, and learning to use them properly allows me to capture the action “mid-zoomie”!
What are my location choices?
I usually answer this question with a question – does your pet have a favorite place to play? Sessions can take place in a virtually limitless amount of places! Your fav brewery? Sports stadium? DC food truck? Antique shop? Yup, we can do that! This fan favorite is limited only by imagination.
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes! Gift Certificates are available for purchase HERE and can be used towards sessions or products. Your gift will be mailed directly to you or your recipient for any occasion.
Do you work with other businesses?
Yes! Commercial and editorial inquiries are welcome for pet-related businesses, products, and publications. Find information on business offerings right HERE.
You can also reach me at or give me a call at (571) 279-0412 Don’t forget to snag your super-handy guide to learn more about the process, including fashion tips and a checklist to prep for your session!

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