Give me all the Autumn!

October 12, 2017 , , Carina Thornton

Summer was so much fun – OMG, Yappy Hours! But it can be so busy and it’s activities so involved that there’s hardly time to breathe let alone take time for ourselves, our families (furry members included!), and to just enjoy the world around us.

Now what?

If you’re an autumn lover like me there’s so much more to this festive season than pumpkin spice (although I’d never say no to a nice hot PSL.) The world turns into a magical place where the leaves change into the rich colors of luxury. The days grow shorter, the evenings come sooner, and with it, the peace and joy of doing nothing! Nothing but curling up with hot cider, a good book, woolen blankets, thick socks; surrounded by fresh home decor, and food that warms the toes as well as the spirit.

Also warming our toes are our beloved pets who are happy to be seeing more of us. We frequently underestimate just how in tune they are to our every emotion. When we’re running ourselves into the ground, they feel it too! This time to breathe, relax, and be home is so important for us as well as our furry companions.


However, as the days get colder, the daylight wanes, and we find the comfort of our warm homes seriously inviting… we need to remember our four legged family members that still need play time. They still need walks. They still need to get out and see the world!

So before you tuck into a good book (I’m currently reading Find Your Why by Simon Sinek. You?), find some fun pieces of autumn clothing (rubber boots, gloves, and scarves are a must!) and take Fido out. Kick the leaves. Play at the park. Let him splash in the puddles. Watch the joy of a dog that’s ready for some low-key, one-on-one time with his favorite person in the whole wide world: You!


I’ve added a bunch of Session dates to take advantage of this beautiful season – including ONE OPENING on HALLOWEEN. Everything you need to know is RIGHT HERE.

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