Dog-Friendly Meals on the Road

July 28, 2016 , , Carina Thornton

If you’ll be traveling this summer with your family and pets there is a good chance that you’ll be hitting some drive-thru windows while on the road. I had no idea that so many places now have dog-friendly items on the menu! (Remember to ask about ingredients and consider any allergies.)

If you find yourself popping into that fast-food line, give these places a try and ask about their dog-friendly menu options:
Starbucks – Puppucino! (Make sure your dog isn’t lactose intolerant since this is a small cup of whipped cream. Dogs should not have coffee!)

In-N-Out Burger – Ask them for a “Pup Patty” (an unseasoned burger in a “doggy bag”.)

Sprinkles Cupcakes – A Pupcake with yogurt frosting! Yum!

Shake Shack – Their menu includes two items: the Pooch-ini®, a peanut butter sundae with dog biscuits, and the Bag O’ Bones, a handful of specially made biscuits from Bocce’s Bakery in NYC.

Johnny Rockets – Several menu items including ice cream, burgers, and treats from Three Dog Bakery!

Dairy Queen – Order Fido a Pup Cup (free with purchase!), which is a doggy-sized portion of vanilla ice cream.


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