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Welcome to Fuzzypants!

Welcome to Fuzzypants Pet Photography! I’m Carina and there are two very important things you should know about me. The first is that it seems I’ve always had a camera in my hand. Ever since I was a teen, I was taking pictures of the things I loved about my every day life – my mother’s meticulously assembled antipasti (before we devoured it), the chunky texture of my grandmother’s handmade afghans and the cute little vintage salt and pepper shakers that sat on our dining room table.

And I’m kind of a geek.

(My sister will probably say that the “g” should most definitely be a capital letter…) I get really, really excited about things that I like. I remember wanting my hair cut like Bruce Wayne’s when I was 7 and I was totally obsessed with Batman (I kinda still am but I gave up on the hairstyle). Even today, I get excited when I find a Harry Potter weekend marathon on TV, a new Doctor Who special, or an open weekend in which I can binge-watch some Sci-Fi or Fantasy series on Netflix. I find that I can never hold back a little one-girl dance party when I see something awesome.

You should’ve seen when these 2 things ran headlong into each other.


I was recently divorced and wanted a companion in my old, creaky house. When I first saw this huge kitty looking up at me from the bottom of a stack of kitty condos, I was absolutely overcome by his cuteness and his beautiful green eyes. I think I blurted out something fairly incoherent in my excitement. He was understandably apprehensive of me, but he let me adopt him anyway.

On the car ride home, I named him Samwise, after my favorite Lord of the Rings character: Samwise Gamgee. Samwise the Brave. He’d make sure I never felt alone, and he’d be there if I watched too many episodes of X-files before bed and woke up creeped out in the middle of the night. He’d never be on the bottom of a stack again.

And then the world went BOOM.

Samwise and I got to know each other slowly. He learned not to judge me (at least visibly) when I did things like dance excitedly around my living room to a catchy new song, and I learned how to cuddle him to get the loudest purrs. But our bond really strengthened when my company, where I had worked for 19 years, announced they were shutting down. After painful months of weighing my options (and dealing with the new world of panic attacks and anxiety), I made the impossible decision to accept a job in a new state. It took me away from my family and friends and my beloved home. But I had my Samwise.

He stuck by me, he let me spoil him, he let me cry on his shoulder and he helped me rediscover my love of photography. One day, I snapped a picture of him as he contorted all of his 16-pounds into a massive cat-yoga pose, paws stretched out as far as they could reach, and I said through my laughter, “Samwise, you sure do have some fuzzy pants!” And Fuzzypants Pet Photography was born.

You know what I’m talkin’ about!

I knew there were other people that see their pets as their hero, their confidant, their family. And here you are! You want to showcase your rockin’ pet so everyone that visits your home knows how perfect they are and that the bottom of the stack is no place for them. And I can totally help you with that. I’ve been spotlighting your pets since 2011 and I still get excited enough to throw in a little happy dance or two.

My kitty in the office
My Sammy hard at work helping me find the perfect images for my dream board.
Want to talk dogs, cats, or Lord of the Rings over coffee? (I have a thing for Panera’s Broccoli Cheese soup.) Get in touch and let’s browse the muffin display!

What people are saying

Cassie M.

“I want to thank you for all your hard work. You captured both Charlotte and Austin beautifully; a treasure I shall cherish for the rest of my life.”

Kim H

“Carina was so easy to work with. She made sure to ask me beforehand what type of pictures we were looking for and what we wanted captured. I appreciated this because each of the animals is different and I wanted something that would capture their personality. Even though our day’s weather was overcast, muggy, and buggy, Carina still rolled around and followed the animals to make sure she got the shots she wanted. The pictures came in rather quickly and she hand delivered them to us. This normally isn’t an expense we do (in fact, we’ve never done this!), but I’m so glad we did this year as these pictures are something we will cherish forever.”

Christine M

“Carina’s style is very unique and artistic. Plus she made our vision of what we wanted happen, but even better! Our bichon looks like a super model! The products are unbelievable! We are so ecstatic about our experience we are going to have Carina come back and have a session with our doxies!”

Minu K

“Thank you so so much for all you did for us.  You are so talented and your work is just amazing.  You really have a great eye and captured our family perfectly.  Our photos are even better than I ever expected.  Thank you so much!”

Stacy B

“We are extremely happy with Carina’s professional pictures of Buffy. My husband and I were unsure how well Buffy would cooperate since she is only 5 months old but Carina was patient and got some fantastic action shots as well as some posed shots. I would recommend her to anyone that wants an adorable professional picture of their 4 legged child. Thanks Carina!”

Tanya C

“I couldn’t have been more happy with the result!  You really captured my little baby’s spirit!”

Rachel E

Thanks so much for the beautiful photos! The puppy photos are absolutely wonderful. I’m so happy to have them. I’d definitely recommend Fuzzypants to anyone looking for “fantastiroofic” photos of their furbaby! You took gorgeous pics of my sweet little 3-month-old fluff bottom ball of red thunder camouflaging herself among the poppies.

Michelle D.

Carina is the absolute best and has the patience of Job. She wasn’t a bit bothered by my super hyper, inquisitive puppy and managed to capture the loveliest shots!

Kyle H.

Carina is really lovely to work with. The pictures turned out so great! I would highly recommend Fuzzypants!

Gail G.

Carina arrived early one morning when the light was gorgeous to photograph our two dogs. The session was fun for all involved. Carina got the proofs to us very promptly and they were gorgeous!

Kelly H.

I can’t thank Carina and Fuzzypants Photography enough for the gorgeous photos of my sweet Hamilton. I’m sure working with a cat can be somewhat of a challenge, but Carina was incredibly patient with him and made sure his safety was most important during our photo shoot (which was outside – Hamilton was secure on his harness & leash the entire time). I absolutely adore my photo gallery!! Having these beautiful photos done with Carina was one of the best decisions I have ever made!! HIGHLY recommended!
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Fuzzypants Pet Photography is a proud Service Professional Member of HeARTSspeak, an organization whose vision is “to unite the individual efforts of animal artists & animal rescues into collective action for social change.”   Fuzzypants has supported the following rescue organizations by offering no-cost photography for adoptable animals and donations for fundraising efforts:

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