A Study In Beige (Or “Why I Love Autumn”)

October 7, 2016 , , Carina Thornton

About 3 years ago we bought a new condo. I had the best time picking out the cabinets, the coordinating countertops, the carpet, the tiles… Designing was so much fun! I loved looking at the all the different colors, textures, and patterns and visualizing everything all put together. Color and decorating and design and art has been so much a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Some people can hear a song and notice all the little nuances – they can pick out the individual instruments, hear that little background percussion in ways I never can. But when I look at a scene or a piece of artwork, my senses go WILD. I can see every individual color, every shadow, every texture… even a wide panoramic view becomes a million tiny snapshots. It’s like constantly viewing the world through a telescope – one small section at a time until the picture is complete. It never turns off.

When the condo was complete and we walked in to the vast empty space for the first time, I thought my head would explode with ideas! I had 2700 square feet of blank canvas. Images flashed through my mind at lightening speed. I saw where every stick of furniture could go… what color the area rug would be, what the window treatments would look like, what art would grace the wall space.

So. Much. Potential.

But at that moment, it was just beige. All of it. The carpet was dark beige, the walls were light beige, the tile was medium-ish beige. No offense to beige but I find it a little unimaginative and safe. And I’m not a fan of safe when it comes to color. My Long Island house was painted the colors of a vineyard – a deep Cabernet living room, a toasty Chardonnay dining room, a lush dusty green vine holding everything together for the kitchen. I could not wait to get to Home Depot and collect the color strips! (And have you seen this thing?? I could lose days playing with this little app: Project Color by Home Depot)

So it’s no wonder that I have always been head-over-boots in love with Autumn. From the color to the scent to the abundance, everything about Autumn strikes me as being so utterly alive. (I know, ironic.) My email has been lighting up with session requests now that the chill in the early morning air has arrived so I’m guessing you feel it too!

What is it about Autumn that you love so much? I’d love to hear how you make the most of this brief season. Are your kitties chasing squirrels as they gather their winter stash? Are your dogs frolicking in piles of leaves? Are you switching your tank tops to sweaters and flip-flops to boots? Let’s chat in the comments!


PS – I have 1 or 2 spots left for the October 22nd Autumn minis at Morven Park. Grab yours now if you want to capture your dog in the Autumn splendor!

PPS – Oh my gosh, look what DC Refined Photographer Spotlight said about little ol’ me!


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