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September 16, 2011 , , Carina Thornton
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On September 9th and 10th, I literally spent 2 days glued to my computer, frantically scribbling away during the “Taking Care of Business with Tamara Lackey” workshop with creativeLIVE. Never heard of creativeLIVE? Online, live, FREE workshops for artists, entrepreneurs and photographers? Go. Visit. You will be in love.

Tamara Lackey’s workshop was the 2nd workshop I had participated in and, let me tell you, I not only left with a whole new perspective on operating a business and providing a stellar customer experience but I also learned so much about myself. I have 15 pages of notes and would have more if I could write quickly enough! This video collection is on the top of my wish list because it is something I could listen to again and again and I believe, as artists and as human beings, we should always be aware of who we are, what message we’d like to share and what experiences in our own lives affect the way we interact with people on personal and professional levels. 

The first 5 pages of my notes are from a sections simply entitled, “You”. Who are you? Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong. I learned that once you separate yourself from your profession (“I am a photographer”), your role (“I am a wife, sister, daughter.”) there is nothing left but “Who are you that doesn’t change when these things change?”

What am I drawn to constantly? What makes me come alive? What makes my soul shrivel? It is answering these questions honestly that will set you on the path to truly believing in yourself and your company and being able to share that passion and excitement with your clients. My clients deserve no less than to put their faith and investment into someone who truly knows who they are. That kind of soul-bearing shines through at each interaction, in every image, in every word spoken. If I’m not true to myself, how can I be true to a client and therefore, how can I expect to earn their trust? Without it, I’ve just handed them another picture. But with it? Their experience becomes an extension of me. It’s comfortable, it’s real…and yes, it’s sometimes a little quirky. And how exciting it was to learn that quirky is good!

So I sat for 18 hours and took it all in. Tamara is a dynamic, clever and talented woman. It was a pleasure to learn from her and it will be even more satisfying to carry those lessons outside the classroom. 

~ Carina

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