Summer Happenings and lots of photos!

July 16, 2011 , , Carina Thornton
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Hello friends!

What a summer it has been so far. I hope everyone is enjoying it as much as I am!

We started our summer with an early trip to the beaches of Emerald Isle, NC. If could change one thing about where I live now (besides having family closer of course) it would be to live closer to the ocean! I’ve lived on an island all my life and was always within a few minutes of either an ocean or bay beach. You can imagine how much I enjoyed spending a week in a beautiful house that we rented to just watch the waves and the dolphins! While I was there, I had the good fortune of a few beach shoots with some very playful pups! Here are a few of my favorites of Charkey, Perry, Gibson, Abby and Maya. Charkey is adorable and very wolf-like! Perry is a beautiful border collie that loved splashing through the waves. Gibson made me laugh as he could not resist burying his face in the sand! Abby is sweet sheltie puppy and I just love her eyes. Maya was a riot. She is a tiny little thing and that blue ball you see her having so much fun with was no bigger than a marble!

After NC came the Detroit trip. It was a wonderful experience for me. I know I’ve shared the photos but here is the article written by my new friend, Dennis Pajot. The article also includes the video peek into our trip.

Photographers Unite in Downtown Detroit by Dennis Pajot

Right after Detroit I had the honor of photographing the sweetest little cockapoo named Willow. Willow is a very special dog that was the winner of NovaDog Magazine’s training scholarship. In addition to the scholarship that will allow Willow to assist adults with disabilities, he was also given the Summer Issue cover! Being chosen to shoot the cover was a tremendous honor for me! Here are the original photos of Willow plus the final NovaDog cover… on newsstands now! You can also read and/or subscribe online at

Thanks so much for your support over these last few months as Fuzzypants has launched at full speed. Shoots are being booked steadily… even a couple into autumn so grab those foliage slots now! I hope to see lots of you at the “K9s in the Vines” event next month (Sunday, Aug 21 from 1-5pm) where I will be photographing pets in the beautiful hills of Linganore Vineyards in Maryland. This event will benefit the Animal Welfare League of Frederick County. Please visit their site at for registration forms and details on how to book a mini-session with me in the vineyard. Here are some of their beautiful animals that will benefit from this event and are currently up for adoption (and a peek at the photo site).

AWLFC Adoptable Animals!

All my best,

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