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Welcome to Fuzzypants Pet Photography: Your dog is a rockstar! Show off all their awesomeness with playful, candid pet photography. Serving Northern Virginia, Washington DC, and New York City.


Hi, I’m Carina! I created Fuzzypants Pet Photography after snapping a photo of my cat Samwise, contorting his 16-pound self into an epic kitty yoga stretch. I’m pretty sure my exact words were “Samwise, you sure do have some fuzzy pants!”

I’ve had a camera attached to my hand since I was a teen, and I have been photographing pets since 2011. I am a geek at heart, and I have a fondness for all things Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, and Batman. (As a child, I learned the hard way that I can’t pull off a Bruce Wayne haircut. Not cool.)  I have a thing for Panera’s Broccoli Cheese soup so if you want to talk dogs, cats, or Lord of the Rings over coffee get in touch and let’s browse the muffin display!

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From seasonal mini sessions to all inclusive experiences; from the monuments of DC to Northern Virginia wine country, we’re sure to find the perfect session for you!
Minis are fun themed sessions that take place 4 times a year and are perfect to keep your images updated. Your $99 mini session includes one digital image suitable for printing gift prints or creating your own holiday cards!
The custom session includes a gorgeous print folio along with 2 digital images and is the most popular choice! If you are looking for wall galleries, gift prints, framed art, or album options* this session is for you.
Join Fuzzypants and Breaux Vineyards for an exclusive photo session at one of Northern Virginia’s most beautiful wineries. This all-inclusive experience is a perfect way to spend an afternoon with your dog and get a little pampering for yourself!
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How do I book a session?
Let’s talk! Get in touch with me, Carina, through EMAIL, phone (571.279.0412), carrier pigeon, or Owl Post! I’m happy to provide a completely free, no-obligation phone consultation. Or maybe you’d prefer to talk dogs, cats, or Lord of the Rings over coffee? We can do that too! (I have a thing for Panera’s Broccoli Cheese soup.) Ready to just skip to the fun part? Then let’s do this! Book your custom session date on my calendar and I’ll confirm with you super fast! (Clickity-click THIS LINK and choose the 90 minute duration.) Don’t forget to snag your super-handy guide to learn more about the process, including fashion tips and a checklist to prep for your session!
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes! Gift Certificates are available for purchase HERE and can be used towards sessions or products. Your gift will be mailed directly to you or your recipient for any occasion.
My dog will never sit still for pictures.
While not exactly a question, this is the most frequent comment I hear and my response is always, “Excellent!” If you have an energetic dog, I definitely do not want to change that about them and I want that energy to shine through in their photos. I do lots of running around and rolling around so that they feel as natural and happy as possible. The investment I’ve made in my equipment, lenses, and learning to use them properly allows me to capture the action “mid-zoomie”!
Do you work with local businesses?
Yes! Commercial and editorial inquiries are welcome for pet-related businesses, products, and publications. Find information on business offerings right HERE.
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