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    My name is Carina and I specialize in the balance of playfulness and poignancy to provide Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC families with soulful and honest images of their beloved family pets.

    I offer a carefully selected, heirloom-quality product line to showcase your images.

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    An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language.

    ~ Martin Buber

Spring Mini Sessions are here!

Hello friends!

I thought it would be fun to celebrate this gorgeous weather with a weekend of mini-sessions! 6 slots will be open for one weekend (April 14-15) in your choice of 2 locations – Frederick, MD or Reston Town Center, VA. Mini sessions only come around twice a year so grab your spot soon. (The next minis will be for your Holiday cards!)

If you prefer a custom session, please contact me for available dates. My summer calendar is filling up – I’m a lucky girl thanks to all of you:-)

March in Pictures and Scribbles

Well, March was an interesting month here in Virginia! We had a very mild Winter (no complaints…) and it seemed Spring came early. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve had some really gorgeous weather that made lots of people and pets shake off hibernation-mode and venture out for some Spring sunshine. Sometimes I look at the calendar and wonder where the time went but then I take a moment to look back at all I’ve done over that time and marvel at how many great experiences I’ve had. This month, the dates on my calendar say:

“Wings, Creative Live, AWLFC, Odie, TT, Rose’s, Rio, Tattoo, Pet Expo, Fondue Night!, Labs-Burke, KISS ticket pre-sale, Wolf Trap tix, New York, Petco, Grace, Chandler, EAP, Julie”

All those seemingly cryptic little scribbles mean something that was special enough to write down and look forward to and *experience*. They are friends and fun and photography and life. My life. With all it’s ups, downs, and surprises. It’s all mine and I can write whatever words on that calendar that I want to write. I’m sometimes sad if a day gets crossed away with a fat, black Sharpie before anything is written in it. I think that’s why I love my journal so much – I can ramble on during those quiet days and even if I’ve spent them doing not-so-noteworthy things, at least I have a record the the day existed and that I used it the way it was meant to be used. And yes, sometime that means just breathing. But March… oh, March left little time for idling! There were new clients/friends to meet, new dogs and cats looking for homes, new projects, new collaborations… Yes. I think I like all my scribbling.

What Boat Do You Need To Burn?

Another interesting question from Danielle LaPorte‘s “The Burning Question” series. After a lot of thought, I find that my answer doesn’t differ much from Danielle’s.

“I’m burning the boat that carried me to here in my career. She was a damn sturdy vessel.”

I was introduced to photography at an age considered late by some – around 16. Before that I knew I enjoyed the arts – painting, drawing, music and dance – but it wasn’t until I picked up a camera, a few dozen rolls of film and spent hours upon hours in my small darkroom that it really hit me that *this* was what I wanted to do. I jumped in head first (meaning that at 16, I photographed events for my high school and became the Photo Editor of my high school yearbook) and set my sights on The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. I still have my acceptance letter.

But things took at turn when I was approaching 20. I didn’t have the confidence that I needed to fight through the competitive market that was the New York art and advertising scene in the 80′s. So I took a step back and picked up a job in an industrial photography role of a manufacturing company “just for a year” while I sorted out where I wanted to point my creative endeavors. The year turned to 5, then 10… the photographic aspect went away to be replaced by computer automation. I adapted. I learned computer programming, then a bit of process engineering. The camera collected dust, the portfolio remained unseen. 23 years went by. Twenty. Three. 

Then something clicked. I started seeing the world like I used to – as a series of images, details, and moments instead of one big, blurred, quickly moving picture. I picked up a camera again… and had no idea what to do with this digital thing that seemed to make a lot of my decisions for me! My eye was rusty. I barely remembered the relationship between depth-of-field and f/stop. My tech skills for the digital darkroom were non-existent but it didn’t matter. I snapped away for months, then a year, then 2. And found where I wanted to be.

I’m so tempted to say that 20 years had been wasted but that would be unfair. I learned a lot – about myself, about business, about service, about how to make and keep friends. I grew up there. It brought me here and I miss it but I’m ready to move forward. To be here with all of *you* now. Whatever odd path I took, I want and need to be here - so without regret I can burn the boat that finally reached the destination.

~ Carina



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