Any business owner knows the feeling of checking your inbox and seeing an inquiry from a potential client. You can feel the excitement, anticipate the chance to meet wonderful new people and animals, mentally start reviewing your schedule…

Then you open the email and little part of you cries for someone you’ve yet to meet when you see that the request is for a priority session. Your gear shifts, your heart breaks and you try to remain calm and professional while feeling all the empathy that comes with the news that someone is losing their pet. At the same time, you know that *you* can be the person that captures the beauty and the love in the eyes of a beloved companion so you steel yourself, pack your bag and get there as quickly as you can.

Last week, that email arrived for me from a lovely family that is hurting very much right now. They had just received word from their vet that their Caleb had terminal bone cancer and was not expected to last the week. I had the honor of meeting this sweet, beautiful dog and he is defying the odds. Caleb had a great day the afternoon of our shoot. He played, he ran, he barked – he even had a grand time tearing into my squeaky toy and treat bag! I wish we could understand the resilience of dogs… I wish we could channel it into one day of pure, unadulterated happiness in the face of *anything*. Dogs are amazing. And Caleb is definitely amazing! I fell in love quickly – with him, with his sister Cassie and with his beautiful human family.

Caleb is still with us. He has good days and bad days but he wants more time with his family before he says his goodbye. I want to thank Caleb and his family for letting me be a small part of his life and hope that the  images we captured that day will bring them peace and happiness.

Please take a moment to learn more about canine cancer from The National Canine Cancer Foundation and donate whatever you can to help put an end to it. “The passion that moves us forward is from experiencing what cancer does to the ones we love. We are driven because there is a hole in our soul where once there was the love of our dog.” ~ Gary D. Nice

~ Carina

Angela - March 9, 2012 - 2:34 PM

Caleb is gorgeous and I’m sure his family already treasure these lovely photos and the happy memories of that day. I hope he is with them for a while to come.

It’s so hard when you know that our beloved dogs are facing “that” time of life but we are blessed to share that time with them.


Fuzzypants Pet Photography - March 9, 2012 - 3:31 PM

Thank you for your comment, Angela. I completely agree that we are blessed to know them!

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